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Watch Skins solves the two biggest problems standing between major brands and smartwatch users: Authenticity & Scarcity.

Brands face rampant piracy in the current digital watch face market, and they lack the ability to reliably license and sell their digital intellectual property. Many smartwatch users want unique and scarce products, yet current offerings provide nearly unlimited designs and zero rarity.


Watch Skins is Here....

Announcing the worlds first blockchain watch face marketplace.


Sneak Peek

Watch Skins is welcoming members of the press to take a sneak peek at CES Unveiled.

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Watch Skins is proud to announce its launch at CES on January 7th 2020, and invites this years CES attendees to stop by booth # 53148 for a demonstration.

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Golden Watchface

The Next Wave
of Virtual Collectibles

Virtual collectibles are valued digital items that can be collected and traded. Many of today’s games and apps have built in economies which allow users to buy and sell virtual goods.

Users acquire these virtual collectibles in order to customize and enhance their experience within a game or virtual ecosystem. Watch Skins allows users to collect virtual watch faces and show their collections to the world!

How it Works

Watch Skins makes it simple to design and collect blockchain authenticated smartwatch faces.


To get started, users download the app, pair their mobile device to their smartwatch and create a profile.


When users login, they’re taken to the Marketplace. It’s the homepage of the app, with a news feed where they can browse the newest products, see the latest watch drops, and follow the hottest auctions – and it’s all tailored to their interests.


With the Configurator, users can customize and create their own unique watch designs- and they’re all permanently stored on the blockchain. Users can choose from an almost endless amount of options, from hands, to colors, to backgrounds. Design the skin you want to purchase, and add it to your collection!


The Collection Screen allows users to browse their collection of watch faces that they’ve purchased, and choose the skin they want to display on their watch.


The auction feature is a peer to peer eBay-style experience that allows users to buy, sell, and trade faces with others on the platform anywhere in the world. With the app translated across multiple languages, it means a person in America can buy a watch face from a user in Japan in real time, and have it in their collection almost instantly. This gives users instant gratification by eliminating the time and cost of shipping.


The Possibilities Are Endless

The Watch Skins marketplace offers a wide variety of amazing licensed brands, available in configurable and non-configurable limited editions. Users can also try the random configuration tool to create a unique surprise design!

Watch Skins can integrate with other smartwatch apps and services to deliver enhanced experiences like retrieving game scores for a sports themed watch face, or social media updates from the hottest celebrity-branded watch face.


The Watch Skins Marketplace is supported by blockchain and uses utility tokens called WATCH tokens. All token transactions are run on GoChain, a 100% Ethereum compatible network operating at speeds of up to 1300 transactions per second, making it one of the fastest blockchains available. This high-performance public blockchain allows for speeds 100x greater than Ethereum, and allows users all over the world to trade authenticated virtual collectibles almost instantly.

Token Utility

Distributed Ledger Technology is used to manage the authenticity, scarcity, and ownership of the digital watch faces.

When a collectible face is created, WATCH20 tokens are burned and exchanged for a WATCH721 Non Fungible Token that provides a validation mechanism for the face, ensuring the unique design is authenticated on the blockchain.

Current Market

Digital Collectibles

The world is witnessing the emergence of the digital collectible phenomenon. Digital collectibles are creating entirely new markets, based solely on virtual properties and visual appeal. Some examples include CryptoKittes, and gameskins marketplaces.

In 2017, one source valued the digital collectibles market at $35 billion, with digital card games alone valued at an estimated $3+ billion. Gaming and Art have a combined projected market size of over $200 billion for 2020, and are two of the strongest areas for growth in the digital collectibles space

Smart Watches

Smartwatches are the perfect home for digital collectibles, because users can share their collections with the world! There were 19 million smartwatches sold in 2015, and it is predicted that there will be 117 Million smartwatches sold in 2023.

$2.4 B
Generated Since 2014
Generated Since 2017
Generated Since 2018

Road Map

Software Application
First Licensed Brand - Crypto Watches
CES Launch
Initial Exchange Offering
Worldwide Product Launch
5 World Wide Brands
Online Accessories Launch
Phase 2 Product Development
Retail Accessories Launch
Phase 3 Product Development


Collin Knock

Collin started his first company in 2003 and grew it to a national presence with over 75 employees. Within 18 months of founding Reverse Mortgage Lending in 2016, he built it to one of the top 100 reverse mortgage brokerages in America. Collin has bootstrapped three companies that have earned millions of dollars in revenue. He has founded nine startups and brings direction, creative vision, and the ability to execute large scale projects relentlessly.

Seth Cheshire
Creative Director

Seth Cheshire is a Portland-based creative director, graphic designer and design educator. Currently Seth heads Portland based creative agency CheshireBeane as Creative Director, where his clients include Facebook, Instagram and Zillow. Over the past twelve years Seth has led creative and strategic teams working in physical and digital mediums across multiple markets including lifestyle, entertainment and technology.

Justin Knock
Director of Development

Justin brings over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, innovation and creative problem solving. As Co-Founder of Reverse Mortgage Lending, he’s been a guiding force as Director of Business Development, where he designed and oversaw the large scale build of the company’s mortgage sales software, and was responsible for its implementation. He has been accountable for project management, content creation, product design, processes and procedure creation, as well as development of sales tools and software for multi-million dollar organizations.

Han Ko
CTO & Board of Directors

Han Ko has 3 decades of experience in international technology investing and business scaling. Utilizing his engineering background in software development, blockchain and system integration, Han has successfully launched and operated multiple ventures in the U.S. and Asia. His experience includes various venture capital investments in technology and commercial real estate, such as WIF AX (a $50M+ Morgan Stanley managed investment Fund) and Capital Innovators. Han has held various leadership and advisory roles in multiple for-profit organizations, serving as an investor, board member, advisor, and mentor for multiple startups and mid-size companies in the U.S. and Asia. In addition, he serves on multiple boards of not-for-profits, including the AACC Chamber of Commerce, and is an official member of Presidential Advisor of South Korea (NUAC). Han has recently been featured in the 2020 edition of “The Top 100 People in Finance” magazine for his achievements.


Richard brings a thorough understanding of the intersection of law and business to any endeavor. He has founded six startups and has served as an advisor to another fifty. Richard holds a J.D., an MBA, and has a strong background in business modeling, strategy and tactics. Richard has extensive experience in blockchain law, having acted as counsel or advisor to more than thirty industry participants. He also created the first social network ever used by the recruiting industry, where his clients included Microsoft, Wachovia, and Toyota.


Jeremy has over 10 years of international CFO experience, ranging from startups to multinational turnarounds, and oversight of budgets up to $130 million. From 2008 to 2012, he turned around the North American distribution of CITIZEN® brand calculators from a $1.5 million loss to a $500,000 profit. In 2013, he created the financial model that led to the IPO for American Brewing Company. Jeremy co- founded Ideator, the innovation network platform used by UCSD, UCLA, USC, Yale, Salesforce, and several other organizations. He holds a master of accounting degree, a bachelor of finance degree and has also earned the credentials of Certified Fraud Examiner and Registered Investment Advisor Representative.


Jason is one of the founding advisors for Watch Skins. He is a Navy reservist who spent 11 years on active duty in Navy special operations. He brings over 11 years of military leadership from operating more than a decade in the SEAL Teams. He spent his time as an operator, close-quarters combat instructor, and a BUD/S instructor. After graduating from USC’s veterans MBA program, Jason developed a broad network in finance and the private investment fund community. He has occupied various positions in Venture Capital and Private Equity firms throughout Southern California. He also runs a marketing agency as the Chief of Staff, helping PE funds, VC’s, and Investment Banks across the nation showcase their brands.


Perry started his career in the enterprise software arena, gaining a strong understanding of the operations and complexities inherent in multinational business operations before moving to the world of startups and mobile apps. He brings invaluable experience gained within a Y Combinator startup backed by Kleiner Perkins, Bain Capital and Spark. With a passion for working directly with clients on emerging technologies, Perry brings valuable strategic insight to all of his projects.


With degrees in both law and accounting, and 25 years in licensing and business development, Steven has combined his vision, experience and strong industry contacts to build The Brand Liaison into one of the licensing industry’s leading boutique agencies. Throughout his career, Steven has been active in all aspects of intellectual property, including the worldwide licensing and enforcement of various world famous properties, representing licensors and licensees in deals with brands such as Gloria Vanderbilt, Bill Blass, Nautica, FUBU, Converse, Puma, as well as properties owned by Disney, MGM, Warner Brothers, the NFL, NBA, NCAA, and FIFA. In addition to his strong negotiation skills and ability to craft business deals advantageous to all parties, Steven is able to utilize his creative and entrepreneurial skills to provide guidance in brand development and product development.


Cory Waisner brings over 25 years of licensing industry expertise in multiple channels including marketing, licensing, and sales of licensed products. His experience has taught him the complexities of both character and brand licensing, and has earned him the coveted Disney Licensee of the Year Award. His licensing activities focus on fashion, characters and entertainment properties, and include work with brands such as Disney, Warner Bros., Vans, Billabong, Old Navy, Dry Bar, Skechers, and Ironman Worldwide Competitions, across multiple product categories. His experience also includes licensed and private label product development, as well as sourcing new products, designs and unique fabrications.


Grace Rachmany is a serial entrepreneur, founder of DAO Leadership, ICO Consult, and Gangly Sister. Grace is an expert in the blockchain space, specifically in the areas of DAO, distributed governance, leadership, and operations of distributed organizations. She has worked with over 100 ICOs and dozens of additional projects in the blockchain space and served as advisor to,, and other AI and crypto projects. With over 30 years of technology experience, she has held numerous management positions and served as CEO of, Tech Tav and Marketecht. Grace works extensively with startups, having been Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Swisscontact, and mentor at Microsoft Ventures and Google Startup. She holds an MBA from Kellogg Northwestern and is a graduate of Anthony Robbins' Business Mastery and Landmark's Team Management and Leadership Program.



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