Phase 1

1st Luxury NFT Watch Brand Crypto Watches "Gotham" Edition Sale

Peer to Peer Auctions Go Live At Close of Gotham Sale - within 30 days or immediately upon sell out – which ever comes first

Fully Developed Mobile Apps Currently Awaiting Store Approval – Functional Animated Wearable NFTs on your smartwatch. Available on IOs, Android or Samsung Device within weeks of launch

Aviator & Phantom Release

Celebrity Artist Collabs for future releases

Phase 2

Premier Membership Implementation - Includes Community Events, VIP Parties, Exclusive Access Whitelisting and More

Multi Chain Development

Loot Box Subscription Launch for Physical & Digital Goods

Licensed Brand Contracts in Categories such as Sports, Entertainment, Fashion, Music, Art and Automotive

3-D Animation Development

V 2 Release

Phase 3

Dozens of International Brand Licenses

Complete Metaverse Integration

Retail Accessories Launch